Why Mavrik?

What’s up with the cutesy spelling?

Mav-rik is the chosen pronunciation of the word maverick which started out with cowboy terminology. In modern parlance, it means: set apart from the pack, edgy, independent, disruptive.

There’s another meaning to our name too. Mavrik (mav-rik or mahv-reek) is a Hebrew  adjective meaning brilliant or shining and comes from the same word source as lightning or literally, a flash of brilliance.

A bit of background:

Mavrik founder Rachel Weingarten‘s first job straight out of high school was working for one of the top diamond manufacturers in the world. After working with diamonds for a short time, Rachel became known not only for her communication skills, but also her unique ability to spot flaws in otherwise perfect gemstones without the use of any type of loupe or magnifying device.

We love the metaphor of being able to zero in and find the best ways to help people and brands overcome trouble spots to shine.

More diamond lore:

Another lesson that stayed with Rachel beyond her nearly 5 years in the diamond industry, was the way multi-million dollar deals were closed with a handshake. We’re a people business. While we consult for Fortune 100 companies, top studios, entertainment franchises, publishing houses, celebrities and other famous faces, we’re all about our connections. You matter to us, and we hope that matters to you.


Here’s the word mavrik in Hebrew in case you’re curious מַבְרִיק.

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