Meet Mavrik NYC

We’re marketing, branding and promotions experts, but we’re more than that – we’re an idea agency. We help you create a business or movement with your own idea, or we brainstorm to help you figure out ways to make your concept more interesting, viable, profitable and amazing.

With over a decade and a half experience in marketing & brand strategy and promotion,  founder Rachel Weingarten and our executive team realized we were ready for a change. While other brands fell by the wayside, we fine tuned our craft and methodology to become a lean, mean marketing and promotions machine. We pioneered tactics. We implemented the latest innovations. We embraced the good, discarded the overblown and became the go-to agency for nearly every studio, cosmetic company, consumer packaged goods corporation, publishing house and countless public figures including celebrities and politicians.

And it was good.

But we noticed a disturbing trend. As we aimed for better, so many companies felt comfortable offering less or at best- ordinary. Every Tom, Dick & Harry proclaimed themselves marketers simply because they knew how to set up a Twitter account or send out an e-mail blast. It was time for a change. It was time to differentiate ourselves from those who called themselves marketers, without any basis, background or track record. We were ready for our brand evolution.

We asked our clients and partner agencies to let us know what they thought our best features were. And we listened when they told us the things they thought we could be doing better.

Here’s what we excel at: We listen. We never offer the ordinary. We ask questions that start conversations. We’re always excited and ever evolving. And we’re always committed to our customers. Some might call that last part old-fashioned, we know it’s what keeps clients coming back year after year.

And we get people interested. And we keep them interested. Not only do they come in for the new and shiny but they return time and time again to savor the experience. And not only do we help you to come up with strategy- but we figure out how to help you execute or produce your vision.

And it was better.

We’re ready to take another bite out of traditional marketing. And we want you to know that we go the extra mile.

We’re a modern marketing and promotions agency with classic sensibilities. We’re not embarrassed to be excited about what we do. We’re nimble, pared down and move at rocket speeds.

And it’s going to be great.


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